30 Beautiful iPhone 4 Wallpapers

iPhone 4 has the best display screen any mobile can offer. When iPhone 4 came out, there was a lot of buzz going around about the Retina display it had. Rightly so, Retina display offers the best combination of resolution, colors and size. We can safely say, iPhone 4′s retina display has changed the way we read text on mobile, forever. The resolution of iPhone 4′s display is 640×960. So, the wallpapers made for the previous versions of iPhone won’t look good on it. We have looked and looked, and we have found these stunning wallpapers for iPhone 4.

Here, we proudly present the 30 Beautiful iPhone 4 wallpapers – Part 1, designed by some of the finest and most creative artists around. All of the images are clickable and linked to their source. You can explore further artistic treasures and more wallpapers by using the links, or Right Click and “Save Image As” to save. Enjoy!

Cute Puppy

cute puppy 2 iphone 4 wallpaper

Sleeping Puppy

sleeping puppy iphone 4 wallpaper

Sleeping Collie Puppy

sleeping collie puppy iphone 4 wallpaper

Of Mice and Cheese

of mice and cheese iphone 4 wallpaper

Bugatti Art

bugatti art iphone 4 wallpaper

Beware of Piranha

beware of piranha

Pelican on the ocean

pelican on the ocean



Red Dragon

red dragon

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