47 Useful Infographics for Designers

Infographics are the visualizations or charts that are used to present a large amount of material to readers. This type of design is utilized to communicate information that would be impossible or too time-consuming to be explained solely by text or series of illustrations. At the most pedestrian level, pie charts, maps, traffic signs, and bar graphs are types of infographics. Instruction manuals and children’s books often use infographics to explain processes that require step-by-step explanations. More intricate designs are often found in scientific and mathematical communities to display research and data.

Instead of pouring over figures and long reports to decipher data, an infographic can immediately make apparent exactly what a dataset actually means.

Below are more than 47 infographics that can be useful to designers. If you know of any good ones that we may have missed, please add them in the comments section below.

Colours In Cultures

Useful Infographics for Designers

So You Need A Typeface (Flowchart)

Useful Infographics for Designers

Choosing the perfect font for any project can be difficult, this flowchart certainly more than tries to help with a touch of humor. View Full Size

Period Table of Typefaces

Designed Infographics for Designers

View Full Size

Infoporn: The Cost of Living on the Bleeding Edge of Technology

Designed Infographics for Designers

View Full Size

America Hungry, Need Data

Designed Infographics for Designers

Housing & Poverty

Useful Infographics for Designers

View more: http://tutslist.com/graphic-design/47-useful-infographics-for-designers/


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